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when life hands you lemons
The facilitation of education and wellbeing is integral to our company's aims. Here you can find both companies that support us and that can support you. Whether you are a current student or not we all need a little helping hand sometimes, so here you can find some useful links to like minded organizations dedicated to providing help and assistance when we need it most.

The Cart Shed

The Cart Shed is a charity based in North Herefordshire and operating within a forest that offers opportunities to try something new and improve well-being; to find friendships, a sense of belonging and a place of calm, in a supportive, caring environment.

Herefordshire Mind

No one should have to face mental health problems alone. Whether you are stressed, depressed or worried about someone else, Mind will listen, give support, and fight your corner.

Respect men's advice line

Men's Advice Line is a team of friendly advisors who will listen and believe you. Their team are available to offer you non-judgmental support, practical advice and information. Focusing on increasing the safety of men experiencing domestic abuse (and the safety of any children) by providing confidential support.

West Mercia Womens' Aid

West Mercia Women's Aid is based in Hereford and works with women and children affected by domestic abuse. They offer a range of different services, including a free 24 hour helpline, a refuge and independent domestic violence advisors.